Making it easier to build small second dwellings

Learn how the new planning reforms to the building and planning framework are making it easier to build a small second home.

Following our recent correspondence, we bring you the latest updates from the Victorian Government.

Building a small second home (up to 60 square meters) in residential and rural areas across Victoria has become simpler. No planning permit is required, making the process quick and easy. These homes can be occupied by family, friends, or rented out for extra income, providing flexible housing choices.

This initiative aims to enhance housing options, fostering family and community connections. Affordable housing will be more accessible in preferred locations, aligning with evolving lifestyle trends for smaller households. Specific requirements for siting, design, and amenity will apply, ensuring neighborhood livability.

Notably, no planning permit is needed in heritage or neighborhood character areas, broadening the reform's benefits.

Source: Victorian State Government - Department of Transport and Planning

Source: Victorian State Government - Department of Transport and Planning

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