The rise of small second homes addresses housing shortage in Victoria

As soon as next month it will be easier to add a small second home to your property in Victoria as part of Labor Governments bold new planning reforms aimed at boosting housing supply.

A planning permit from Council will no longer be required if the home is under 60 square meters and on a property of 300 square meters or larger. This will significantly lift the burden and delays of getting planning approvals and deliver on the landmark Housing Statement promise to ensure everyone has a place to call home.

These self-contained living spaces, also known as Granny flats or Dependent Person's Units (DPUs), offer various benefits:

  • Upsizing or downsizing as life changes
  • Providing intergenerational living to bring younger and older generations together
  • Affordable living for those priced out of the housing market
  • Generating extra income through short-term rental

There will be no restrictions on how a small second home can be used - they can be used flexibly. Small second homes will still require a building permit, will need to meet ResCode (residential design code) setback and siting requirements – and cannot be subdivided or separately sold off to the main home.

Ecoliv can deliver a small secondary home on your property sooner with our prefab modular construction methods and a range of standard floorplans under 60m2.

EcoSanctuary 1A floor plan

EcoSanctuary 1A floor plan

Our focus is to be a regenerative building company, supporting a healthy planet, resilient local ecosystems, and a thriving local community. With over 15 years’ experience designing and building sustainable prefab homes our simplified and streamlined building process means home owners know exactly what to expect and when – right up to handing over the keys.

Climate responsive and operationally energy efficient, Ecoliv homes harness the natural environment to provide a healthy, safe, and comfortable living environment for all generations.

Crafted with precision from responsibly sourced, renewable, and resilient building materials along with limiting wastage during the construction process, each home addresses the needs of the present without compromising the future.

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