Social Housing

A Sustainable Solution to Affordable Community Accommodation.

The EcoHaven range provides quality, self-contained, secure and sustainable community accommodation with a range of prefab modular designs exclusively for accredited government agencies and developers dedicated to resolving the housing crisis in our nation.

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Social Housing

The challenge of providing affordable housing has never been more pressing. In addressing Australia’s housing crisis its crucial to ensure that each new home is minimises environmental impacts in its construction and operation. By designing and building high quality healthy homes we can ensure that our decisions now have a lasting impact.

In a world where our homes play a pivotal role in our well-being, sense of belonging, and connection to the community, the need for housing that not only meets environmental, social, and governance requirements but also nurtures the individual has never been greater. Supporting job security, economic growth and improving access to services and liveability especially across Australia’s regional and rural areas.

By choosing EcoHaven, you invest in more than just a house; you invest in a sustainable future, empowering individuals and communities for years to come.

The EcoHaven Advantage: Addressing positive social and environmental needs

The EcoHaven range has been developed to provide a thriving, healthy and sustainable housing option through well designed, safe and environmentally sustainable homes that are integrated with the community and to enhance local amenity.

The EcoHaven range can be adapted to suit various applications including:

  • Government department agencies
  • Public and community housing
  • Workforce accommodation
  • Alpine resorts
  • Educational institutions
  • Health care and Hospitals
  • Private sector business with seasonal workers
  • Independent living/Aged care
  • Not for profit social associations or social enterprise organisations

Each accommodation unit includes a full kitchen, spacious living, bathroom, laundry and options of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. Inclusive of covered deck area encourages connection to nature and community interaction.

Ecoliv’s expertise in prefab modular construction ensures that each home is energy-efficient, uses low-carbon and VOC materials, and reduces both construction waste and energy consumption in operation.

Our commitment to inclusive shared spaces including walkways, community gardens, adaption of electric car charging or sharing networks can create vibrant communities that stand as a testament to the power of good design. Coupled with innovative ways of generating and sharing renewable energy within the community will have broader environmental benefits and reduce the cost of living for occupants.

Easily altered to NDIS standards, each home design encourages independence by providing a place to empower growth and restoration to shape a brighter and sustainable future.

Social Housing

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